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NYC Skyline BW

Our Work

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2021 Escalade 600

• Gloss Black Chrome Delete 
• Gloss Black Powder-Coated wheels 
• OEM Chrome Emblems

2021 Corvette C8

•Gloss Black Powder-Coated wheels 
•Gloss Red Brake Calipers with OEM Logo 
•Soft body kit (front lip/ rear spoiler/ side skirts) 
•Gloss Black exhaust tips
•Gloss Black Roof Wrap
•35% Xpel HP Window Tint


Mercedes-Benz S550

• Custom 2-Tone Vinyl Wrap
3M Satin White with 3M Matte Metallic Brown

Lamborghini Huracan Coupe


2021 Range Rover Matt Black (Paint)

• Ceramic Pro Ceramic Coating 
• Xpel  Ceramic Window Tint
5% Rear + Sunroof 
35% Two Front Windows
50% Windshield
• Custom Orange Vinyl Accents


Ferrari 458 Coupe

  • Custom Satin Pearl White/Gloss Black 2-tone Vinyl Wrap

  • Custom Full Exhaust with Downpipes

  • Gloss Black Powder Coated wheels

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